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The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create job placements for 16 to 24 year olds on Universal Credit.

How it Works

The government has introduced a new Kickstart Scheme in Great Britain, a £2 billion fund to create hundreds of thousands of high quality 6-month work placements aimed at those aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit and are deemed to be at risk of long-term unemployment.

Employers can spread the start date of the job placements up until the end of December 2021.

The Benefits

For each ‘Kickstarter’ job, the government will pay:

  • 100% of the National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage depending on the age of the participant) for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months
  • associated employer National Insurance contributions
  • employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions
  • £1,500 funding per job placement for setup costs and developing their employability skills.

All about Kickstart Scheme

How to Apply

Employers with 29 or less job placements:

As an employer with 29 or less job placements you need to apply through a Governments KICKSTART Gateway and VITSPRO is one of them. We will apply on your behalf. You’ll need to provide information about the job placements by filling our simple online application.

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Employers with 30 or more job placements:

If you are an employer looking to create 30 or more jobs placements for young people, apply directly at Gov.uk.

Who can Apply

Employers of all sizes can apply for funding. These are the minimum eligibility requirements which must be met in order that any application is considered for the Kickstart Scheme.

  • The applicant must be an existing company/organisation and have a track record of fiscal competence to be eligible to apply for funding

  • The jobs should be new and in addition to current workforce; they must not replace existing or planned vacancies or cause existing staff to lose or reduce their employment (find out more information about the Kickstart Scheme

  • The scheme is for 16 to 24 year olds and the vacancies must be for a minimum of 25 hours per week and last for at least 6 months and be paid at least the National Minimum Wage for the age group

  • The applicant must demonstrate what employability support they will give to the participant whilst on the scheme, which will give them the skills to ensure they are able to capitalise on their Kickstart experience and use it as a stepping stone into work, training (such as apprenticeships) or education.

  • The applicant must demonstrate how the jobs being offered through the scheme are quality placements, offering meaningful and suitable employment which offer clear benefits to the participant.

What you as an Employer will get

£1,500 per job placement

You’ll get £1,500 funding per job placement. This is for setup costs and to support the young person develop their employability skills.
If someone else helps you to do some of this for you e.g. KICKSTART Gateway / Representative, you’ll have to agree how you will share this money.

Job placement criteria

The job placements created with Kickstart Scheme funding must be new jobs. They must not:
  • replace existing or planned vacancies
  • cause existing employees, apprentices or contractors to lose
  • work or reduce their working hours

  • The job placements must:
  • be a minimum of 25 hours per week, for 6 months
  • pay at least the National Minimum Wage or the National Living Wage for the employee’s age group
  • only require basic training
  • How we can Help as a KICKSTART Scheme Gateway

    We are a Kickstart Gateway helping employers apply for a Kickstart Scheme grant.

    The funding of £1500 is for setup costs and to support the young person to develop their employability skills. Employers can choose to get someone else to do this for them, such as a Kickstart gateway or a service provider. If they choose to do this they will have to agree how to share the £1,500.

    How does it Works



    Interested businesses will complete and submit an online application form at our website


    After reviewing the submitted details, we will submit your applications in batches to DWP (Department for Work & Pensions)


    Successful applicants will provide job descriptions for work coaches at Jobcentre plus to match suitable candidates


    Employers will conduct interviews of the matched candidates and best candidates will be selected by the employers

    Why apply through VITSPRO's Kickstart Gateway

    Get in Touch to discuss about KICKSTART Scheme requirements and feel free to ask for further information.

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