Below are the COVID measures we have introduced so you can stay safe and comfortable during your exam.

Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizer will be available at reception to minimize the spread of germs. Candidates can also bring their own hand sanitizers.

Wash Hands

Upon arrival at the test centre, we kindly ask the candidates to wash their hands. Candidates will be reminded regularly to wash their hands.

Hand Tissue

Hand Tissues will be available at the exam centre and provided on request by the candidates. Per the World Health Organization guidance please cover the nose and mouth in case of sneezing or cough.

Sneezing or Coughs

If any exam candidate exhibit symptoms upon arrival at the test centre, they may be asked to reschedule their exam for another time when in full health. Candidates are advised to reschedule their exams before coming to the exam centre if they have any of the COVID-19 symptoms.

Waiting Times

In order to ensure a clean environment after each exam session- waiting times for the next candidates will increase, which means that their exams might start with a delay.

Cleaning Routine

We will try to clean and disinfect hand contact surfaces and workstations after each use.

Face Masks/Face Shield and Gloves

The use of face masks and hand gloves will be permitted. We strongly recommend that you wear a face mask or face covering in the test centre and while taking your test to protect yourself and others. We are unable to provide face masks/Face Shield and Gloves to candidates. Face masks/Face Shield and hands gloves will be subject to inspection by the Invigilation staff.

Social Distancing

Candidates are also advised to maintain social distance between them while visiting our exam centre. Candidates coming early are advised to wait in their cars or parking area to avoid overcrowding in the waiting area.